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Where are the items from?

Each year I travel to trade shows both locally and internationally looking for top quality items. I select them based on what I would love to use or see in my décor. I like to support both small and large businesses.


Why limited quantity?

I like my customers to feel they are the only one with that product. If its been handmade by me I will not reproduce the exact item. If you need several items the same eg for double doors or a family wreath for multiple homes please contact us.


What size are the wreaths/garlands etc?

Generally unless it states its a small wreath I use the dimensions of 60x60cm(24x24inches). These will fit a standard door. 

The full length garland is  2.7 metres(9 foot), the table garlands are 90cm approx.(3 foot). Need them smaller or larger, multiple to match please contact us.


How to care for a wreath/garland?

To ensure continued use we recommend.

Hanging your item outside please protect it from direct sunlight and rain. Under the roofline like a porch is perfect.

Hanging your item indoors keep out of direct sunlight, away from heat, flames and flammable liquids.

If your item has lights remove the batteries at the end of each season to prevent corrosion.

Store the item in a large sealed bag/box. Place in a flat position with nothing on top or hand in a cupboard or storage area. 


Do you do custom orders?

Yes we can make wreaths, garlands etc to suit /match your décor or theme. Need multiple again happy to make just contact us to discuss requirements and pricing.